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Get 99% accurate transcripts at exceptional speed, accuracy, and cost powered by AI

Key Features

Wavel integrates seamlessly into your existing workflows, making it a breeze to set up and manage.

Live Interactive Transcription

Provide a new interactive experience in-person and live online classes with our interactive transcripts

  • We are seamlessly integrated to Zoom, Kaltura, Panopto
  • 99% accuracy allow you to provide accessible lectures to all your students
  • Custom vocabulary, smart punctations and numerical formatting
  • We also provide 508 ADA compliant captions for your lectures

Smart Multi-media Notes

Provide the world's first new note-taking platform for students directly from live classes

  • Make notes directly from live classes and videos
  • Create your own 5 min summary of 1-hour class with audio/video/text notes
  • Want to add your notes? you’re covered! you can add your own time synced notes

Lecture Analytics

Not only students help your instructors to plan, analyze, and share additional knowledge with students with the help of AI

  • Get live analytics for each class engagement
  • Findout key engaging moments in the lecture
  • Edit audio with text
  • Securely Share Audio & Transcripts
  • Understand class performace with best NLP tools

Knowledge Management

Students read from multiple sources such as slides, pdf, memory chats, and diagrams but all the information is scattered. We built first of its kind knowledge management platform right inside class lectures

  • Review an hour long lecture in less than 5 minutes
  • Search across notes and other important highlights
  • Auto tag important moments with personal notes


Our NLP based recommendations help students to actively take notes, engage and learn

  • It will recommend important points in the lecture
  • Creates an automatic summary of lectures based on all student's interactions
  • Monitor the students progress and help them to become active learners

Key Benefits

Lowest Price

Why should you pay more when you can get 50% cheaper than traditional vendors. Thanks to our AI, we provide transcription at the lowest cost in the industry

Consistent Accuracy

Never compromise on the accuracy. We make sure that you get 99% accuracy at industry breaking speed. Each file goes through 2 layers of human verification before sending back to you


Wavel smart technology is adaptive and tailor-made for accessible transcription so you get the highest accuracy at the lowest cost, you can provide 508 ADA compliant captions.


Integrate with dozens of popular solutions like Panopto,Kaltura, Zoom, Canvas,30+ more.


Automatically record and get live transcriptions, important moments for each class or meeting.


We are seamlessly integrated to Canvas LMS to pull your lecture videos and push interactive transcripts automatically


Our two-way integration with the Kaltura video platform automatically pushes videos to Wavel for captioning.


Wavel's two-way integration with Panopto’s online video platform allows users to flag videos for captioning directly in Panopto.


We are seamlessly integrated to Vimeo to download private and public videos for transcription and captioning.


Wavel API, which you can plug in your existing workflow. Integrate with your applications using our webhook requests.


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